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I am conducting a research study to help describe the conflict between ambulance workers and management, especially during COVID-19.

Can I hear your story?

To participate in this research study please complete the application and also download the consent form by clicking below, signing, and return to

All responses will be confidential as allowed by the communication or delivery method used.  This is a small study, not all participants who respond will be able to participate, not all stories will be used.  No compensation is provided.  Participants must be between 18 and 64 years of age, a credentialed emergency medical services worker working in a pre-hospital emergency care setting in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. Research participants will be evaluated on a first come basis and the study will conclude after a threshold of 50-100 responses are collected.

See consent form for specific program information.

Why am I doing this research?

The conflicts that can occur between employees and management have been well-documented in the fields of organizational development and medicine. This has helped us better understand how goals may be achieved that are positive for the patient, caretaker, and healthcare management. Now that COVID-19 has presented new challenges to the healthcare system it is important to document and understand the conflict it influenced between the manager and employee level. Paramedics and other ambulance personnel were some of the first health workers to respond and face the problems associated with the pandemic. This research seeks to uncover the stories of conflict between emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and their supervisors.  I will use these stories to document the history and analyze the phenomenon that are uncovered as I have in other work (see these 2 links)


Bram Duffee, PhD, EMT-P

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